The Development of Today’s Information Technology – In today’s era, the role of IT is increasingly important because with the development of IT, many people do work using computers or using cellphones to communicate. However, this must also be balanced with awareness of using IT for positive purposes, so that the development of IT in Indonesia is quite developed, but does not cover various things.

Following are the changing trends in the development of information technology today:

  • 1. Social Gaming

The impact of the development of Facebook in 2010 is shown to be more exciting with various exciting games that have sprung up so that its growth exceeds the growth of popular social media such as Twitter.

  • 2. Body Motion Sensor

Now the game will be even more fun by using movement of body parts such as hands, feet, and body. On PCs, there are now several software that use body movements with webcam sensors.

  • 3. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a game development by combining the world of reality and the world of games in one simulation, it will be even more popular with new platforms such as the Iphone that supports Augmented Reality applications. So far, Augmented Reality has only been popular on PCs, but now it is starting to spread to mobile gadgets.

  • 4. Internet TV

The internet TV trend began to stand out in 2010 due to the completion of telkom infrastructure which is currently under construction. The problem is the content that still has to compete with social networks which are quite high in bandwidth bandwidth.

  • 5. Mobile Payment

The rise of Facebook is now starting to trigger the use of mobile payments or online payments via cellphones. Because to facilitate the transaction process for users.

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